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Welcome to Colour Me Lucky/ Annmarie’s Beauty Blog.  You will find a plethora of different topics within this blog, and you can find a wide variety of products both physical and virtual.  This started off originally as my blog.  The Colour Me Lucky concept was created and it has been getting a lot of attention.  This is now a combined blog and store dedicated to the original posts I used to do before Colour Me Lucky came along, if it wasn’t for my original readers then Colour Me Lucky would not be here so I want to stay loyal to them.


For all of the new readers that have stumbled across this blog by following your interest in Colour Me Lucky then Hello, and welcome.


Colour Me Lucky has been created for people who want to raise their vibration in a fun and easy way.  It is the use of lucky colours in your everyday life via makeup, fashion and interior design.  Your lucky colours are decided by your star sign.  Not only is it about Lucky Colours but there is professional tips and tricks all used by professionals in every industry covered.  We now have a team of experts who have shared their knowledge making Colour Me Lucky an expert in this field of colour theory knowledge.


You will find within the colour me lucky PDF tips and tricks related to make up application, not only that but your are guided as to what shade of lucky colour would best suit you in regards to your eye colour, there is basic colour theory knowledge, make up tips not just about eye shadow application but for all make up.  And if make up isn’t really your thing but your still interested in the concept then hold tight as there are PDf’s on fashion with tips and tricks on colour blocking and tips and tricks depending on your height, weight and body shape, this has proven extremely popular with first time public speakers, people going for interviews or even for that all important first date.  Within the interior design PDF you will find some basic Feng Shui to ensure a positive flow throughout your home.


Colour Me Lucky is a place where people are shown a concept with added professional knowledge, hints, tips and tricks, and the combination of this seems to create real confidence in a person which in turn raises positivity.  It’s a place for people who want to raise their vibration in a fun and easy way to be comfortable, with lots of information on things like yoga, and meditation – which I love, but can be hard to master, feel comfortable that you are with like-minded people who are all to bust to take a course to master a certain method which has only been made popular by people selling courses.  I do charge a small fee for my PDF’s, £4 to be exact, but, every single penny goes straight back in to Colour Me Lucky, it goes in to building a community rather than just a brand.  A community full of empowered people, and remember empowered people empower people so it creates a domino affect and has caught the attention of thousands in the small time that I have spent asking if any one would be interested in a concept like this.


I hope you enjoy Colour Me Lucky and all of the other topics found within my blog.  You can find big brand deals and discounts, reviews, tutorials, stuff I wish I knew when I became a fist time mum and loads more.  I love writing this blog and creating this concept so I hope you enjoy it too.


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