All About FM World (not just another mlm post)

All About FM World (not just another mlm post)

Have you ever been at home with the kids and thought with all of the opportunity available to us nowadays with the rise of the internet, surely there must be something out there I can do in order to be able to still take care of my kids and earn a little extra cash?  I have had this thought many times, I tried a few different companies which all ended in no money being made and a lot of my time being wasted.  I kind of lost heart and just carried on with everyday routines and tasks.

About once every month I catch the money making bug (due to the endless Instagram posts of stay at home mums, all of a sudden, on a beach somewhere, with a cocktail in hand, come on you have all seen them, yep the ones  that make me green with envy) So, I started my monthly search for new opportunities, or new companies to join that were free to enrol with.  I put a post up on Facebook asking for any information on companies that fit those requirements.  I was bombarded with many messages and comments, all from people recommending the company that they were promoting.  After searching through, and researching the companies that were on offer I came across a company that I had never heard of before, they stuck out to me as they did not just cover one topic, such as beauty or cosmetics, although these are products they cover, they also cover a whole host of other products.  Perfume, household cleaning products, hair care and food supplements.  I am sure I have still missed a couple of categories out.

What do they stand for?

Fm World say that they create products, which can be shared and a lifestyle that will give you financial freedom.  This is what their mission statement is.  Their vision is To be the global leader of Multi-Level Marketing and be number 1 for fragrance sales worldwide. To work ethically with people driven by success. and their values are as follows:

We create products you can trust; offer fair business principles; work together in an atmosphere of mutual trust.

We derive energy from pursuing ambitious challenges; we cross national borders and thinking patterns.


We offer a business model which lets you obtain financial freedom regardless of the gender, race, social status and cultural differences; we respect in our business partners independence and difference of opinion, which is our source of diversity and inspiration for growth.

We share knowledge and products; care for each other and other people, as well as for the environment we live in now and the future generations will enjoy.

We have the boldness and courage to change the world for the better; we promote the spirit of enterprise.

All of their products are cruelty free which I think is very important, I do not see why people would rather buy a fake high end product which could have been tested on animals and include a lot of harmful chemicals when they can go to a trustworthy company like FM World where they can purchase affordable items that are safe and of very high quality.

Was it easy to get started??

It was really easy to enrol, its totally 100% free to join, there are no hidden fees.  I was sent to the sign up page by the lovely girl Celeste, who sent me the information on the company and she gave me some sign in details that I needed and that was pretty much it, you get instant access to your back office where there are lots of business materials to help you on your way to earning a little something for you and your family.  There are also lots of opportunities, you can start recruiting people, or you can just stick to the selling, if you already have a Facebook page with a large following then joining this company really is a no brainer.  There is no targets to hit, no minimum requirement of sales to be kept in the company, its all really easy, really straightforward and gives people like me something to focus on, to work towards and it has given me back my self worth.

What about the products?? Are they popular? What are their bestsellers??

Top 10 Bestsellers list:

1, Pure Collection for women No 20 and 18

2, Pure Collection For Men No 472 and 473

3, Luxury Collection For Women FM 313 and FM 366

4, Luxury Collection For Men FM 355 and FM 199

5, Phenomenal Mascara in Intense Black

6, Colour Intense Lipstick in Amazing Nude

7, Metabolism Functional Coffee by Aurile

8, Euphoria Green Tea by Aurile

9, Slim Extreme by Nutricode

10, Aqua Mask For Dry Hair

The products are all amazing.  The most popular product has to be by far the selection of perfumes and after shaves.  Most of the perfume and aftershaves actually smell very similar to big brands.  They are not the same, they are a great alternative to buying a more expensive bottle.  It is against the FM World advertising and marketing rules to put a picture of a brand name scent and then a similar smelling scent from FM Worlds range of perfumes.  This also would be bad advertising on the consultants part and could get ourselves and the company into a lot of trouble so you should never ever see FM World perfume or aftershave advertised in this way, and if you do please contact me directly as it is more than likely a new recruit who has not read through the terms and agreements of their contract.  Overall, there are three note scales that when blended together create the perfume’s fragrant accord.  You can find perfumes in the FM world selection that may have the same top and heart notes as your fave perfume or the heart and bottom notes, your FM World consultant will know which fragrance to recommend dependant on the type of scent you like.  Only a small change to these notes and it can completely change a scent, we do not sell copy cat perfumes or aftershaves, the creation of a scent is very complicated and a tiny change can make a big impact on scent. They also have an amazing range of makeup products, a hair care range, a section dedicated to the home, a kids range, a selection of healthy coffee and tea, and a food supplement range called Nutricode. And again I still feel like I am missing something out.

I would recommend trying FM World to anyone out there who are at home for what ever reason, and who want to earn some cash.  There is no set up fee so there is pretty much nothing to loose.  If you try it out as a consultant and you do not like the selling then that’s fine.  If you are looking to try some new products from a brand you can trust then I would definitely give FM World a try, especially their perfumes.  Click the link below to be taken to the FM World online store FM World Online Shop, and here is an ID number for you so you can sign in as a preferred customer 9198236email me at if you have any trouble or if you are asked for a password of any kind.

Remember and check out the Facebook Group where you can find FM World and a whole host of other brands, such as Maelle, and new products like Himalayan Salt Lamps and the amazing Soji Energy Crystal Water Bottles.  There are products all based around the theme of “Self Love” and all the items sold in the Colour Me Lucky store have all been chosen to help you become the best version of you ever!! Colour Me Lucky Facebook Page.  There is also a group which you will have the option of joining when you reach the main page. You can also subscribe to our newsletter for stock, and product updates, new blog post updates, current big brand deals offers and promo codes!!



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