Buy what you like, win a full refund – UK Fashion Products.

Buy what you like, win a full refund – UK Fashion Products.



Today I am doing a very quick post on an amazing company and an even more amazing deal that they have on this month, yes, you heard me right this month.  There is only 2 days left in this amazing promotion so I would get to it kind of quick-ish if you want to take advantage!

About Uk Fashion Products.

Uk Fashion Products is an amazing store which you can access via Facebook, if you want to check them out then Click Here.  They have a plethora of absolutely beautiful, on trend items ranging from Jeans, Footwear, Nightwear, Bikini’s and Dresses, although the dresses should be broken down in to sub-categories as there is a vast selection to chose from, from Bridesmaids and Prom Dresses to Skater Dresses and everything else in between..   There are other items that I am sure that I have missed out.  The company is run by David who is friendly, easy to talk to and totally gets whats on trend right now.  The company has amazing reviews that you can check out for yourself via the link above, and their delivery times are truly second to none, your order will be with you within 2-3 days, but on a lot of occasions has turned up the following day.  David is very well organised and is quick to answer any questions with haste and accuracy.  If you have not guessed already they are a UK based company which just makes buying from them all the better knowing that the items have come from a UK company.

Here are some images of the type of thing you can find at UK Fashion Products,

The promotion – Buy an item, automatically be entered in to our prized draw to win a full refund = Free Clothes!

So, until the end of this month (June), when you buy an item you will be placed in to the prize draw to win back your money.  You will win back whatever you paid for your item, in other words you will get a full refund, which, in my opinion is pretty cool.  You have the chance to get your item pretty much for free.  If you have stumbled upon this Facebook page and have been considering purchasing an item then I would get in on this now!!  I have never seen a promotion quite like this one on this page so I think that this may be kind of like a one off.  So that’s what the promotion is for this month.  But, that’s not all as there are other items that David currently has on offer.  Pop on over to have a look at what-else is on offer.  Here are a few items with prices for you, so, you can get more of a feel for just how awesome this page is:

This is a body con mini dress, available in blush pink and black, there is a slight difference in the sleeves, I did not notice it at first but if you look closely the blush pink dresses sleeves are loose, both available in sizes 4 to 14.  This will only cost you £15. Click here to check them out.


The turquoise ribbon trainers are actually and item that I have ordered and love, they are just so beautiful.  They go awesome with some skinny jeans and a pastel crop top.  They are a great choice for the summer months to come.  Available in size 3 – 9 and will set you back a very budget friendly £20. Click here to check them out.


This is personal favourite of mine, a sparkle body con mini, perfect teamed with some killer heels, I have had my eye on it for a while now and at only £35, I see me wearing this somewhere in the very near future Click here to check it out

These jeans are available in variety of different colours, and in sizes 6 – 14, and are a total steal at only £15.99, Click here to check them out.

This body con mini lace peplum dress is stunning, I could show you guys lots of images of the beautiful dresses available but I would be here all day so its better if you check them out for yourself, this total beaut is available in sizes 4 – 14 and for £45, Click here to check it out

There isn’t many days left to take advantage of so if you have been looking on the Facebook page and have seen something that you like, then now is the time to make a purchase and may just get your item for free.


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