Cosmetic Companies You Need To Know About!

Cosmetic Companies You Need To Know About!



Cosmetics is something that has hit a total rise over the last few years.  With the rise of the internet and social media, the selfie and Instagram girls, makeup, the application of it, the way it’s made and the varieties of companies that create it have evolved into something brilliantly beautiful.  Putting on your makeup isn’t just a quick, un-caring task anymore.  It’s a total art form.  I have been on the web, and there are Cosmetic’s/Makeup companies that have caught my eye a few times, but never thought to buy from because I had never heard anyone mention them.  Sure, we have all heard of the heavy hitters such as my fave companies Benefit Cosmetics, or MAC, but, what are the other companies out there doing that we do not hear about.  Well, aren’t you in for a treat, I have a few companies that you may not have heard of before but I bet you will want to after you this post.  Have you heard of any of the companies below?? If you have, please leave a comment and let me know what your thoughts were, and how you thought the products you have tried stood up.  Here are the Companies that are not being talked about, but totally should be, on the lips, of every makeup maniac, and fashion fanatic out there.

Here is a list of the companies that I want to start reading, hearing, or seeing more of on social media, but, up until now, have never heard of.  On researching these companies its a wonder why or how they have never popped up on my news-feed on any of my social media accounts before.  They are all pretty awesome companies that have been around for a while, in some cases decades, and all have great morals.  Maybe we grow accustomed to the big brands that we hear over and over again, or see over and over again on our news-feeds or in our emails, maybe we just don’t notice when something different is in front of us, maybe we don’t want to see it…. Yeah, it’s getting to deep, with way to many maybe’s…. One thing  is for sure, that there is no maybe’s about me needing to know more about each of these companies so I have definitely now subscribed to each of their newsletters to be kept up to date with their products because some of them are total gems and could well replace some of my regular products!!! (Gasp)

Gabriel Cosmetics Inc

Gabriel Cosmetics is a company that has been around for the last 25 years.  They pride themselves on creating clean, mistake proof beauty products,  which have paved the way for the natural beauty industry.  Gabriel products offer consumers earth conscious and ethical options to their beauty needs. All products are made from 100% natural ingredients with no synthetic chemicals or animal by-products.  They seem to have all of the qualities that people look for in a cosmetics company today, even though its standards they have lived by for the last 25 years.  There are a few different categories to chose from on the site, such as Gabriel, Gabriel Organics, Zuzu Luxe and Clean Kids Naturally.  You can pretty much purchase anything from skincare, and makeup, to men’s makeup and tools and accessories.  I personally love the ZuZu Luxe range which is a range of cosmetics that are all brightly coloured, cruelty free, and extremely affordable. Here are a couple of their bestsellers.

Blush Apricot – $19.30


You’ll have them blushing with GABRIEL’s buildable, matte mineral blushes. A subtle flush of color gives you a flawless, natural glow.NET WT. 3 g/.1 US OZ


Mosaic Illuminator Light – $29.80

With its dual purpose design the multi-pigmented Mosaic Illuminator captures light and covers imperfections giving your complexion a luminous beautiful finish.


Mommy Makeup

Mommy Makeup is a company that has been created by Debra Rubin – Roberts, who is no novice within the makeup industry.  She is a makeup artist who has a career which spans over 15 years and has worked for some of the biggest brands and talent in the industry.  She became a mother to her beautiful daughter and between bottle feeds, nappy changes and all of the other endless amounts of motherly duties that are thrown upon us when we become a first time mum, realised there was not very much time left in the day for herself.  When she did get a quick ten minutes to try and apply some makeup she sat looking at the 15 products she used to use as her daily makeup and it became clear that she was never going to be able to find the time to apply each and every product as she did before her bundle of joy came along.  This was her light bulb moment and those 15 products were quickly transformed into 6 multi-tasking, easy to apply products, perfect for busy women.  And mommy makeup was born.  As a mum of two myself I love this brand, its totally relatable, there are loads of how to videos, tips and tricks and a blog on the website along with the shop where you can find everything from kits, to brushes.  Here are a couple of bestsellers.

Any Wear Creme-Elsa – A Pale Shimmering Lilac – $22.00


Any Wear Creme is a multi-tasking creme-to-powder product that can be worn on the eyes, cheeks and lips. With its water-proof, smudge-proof finish Any Wear Creme is ideal for long days when you will have no time for touch ups. Available in 8 shades. Allergy tested, cruelty free. Made in USA!

This has been compared to Bobbi Brown’s long-wear cream shadow

The Everlasting Eye Set-Anna – A Matte Warm Rosy Beige-Amethyst – Deep eggplant – $51.99


Create a fabulous, waterproof, long lasting look for your eyes and entire face. A 5 piece waterproof makeup set that you can customize. Select your own colors! All products are allergy tested, cruelty free. Made in USA



Beautytap is a website I have just discovered but I am totally hooked.  It is your one stop shop for all of the newest, trendiest information on that newest craze that seems to have each and every one of us at least giving something from the list of things to try, well, a try!  Its the only place you will ever need to go to get your hands on all of the latest Korean beauty products, as well as tips and tricks.  I love it.  The products are so so cheap, the reviews are all honest and there is free global shipping on orders over $60 which is £45.06.  Known as K beauty, the Korean way of taking care of your skin and the products that are used has taken the web by storm.  Here are some of their bestsellers, and honestly the price of some of these items!! You will not be able to not try them, if that makes sense.  That makes sense right??  Anyway, take a look at these!

Shop K-beauty bestsellers at Beautytap

Save 30% off Purito products and receive a special gift at!

Innisfree My Real Squeeze face mask  These face masks are so cheap at £1!! How can you not try them, there are 17 different masks to chose from, all for different skin types, and all with different natural ingredients that. 

Etude House, Personal Colour Contouring Kit – £23.28 This contouring palette consists of two cream highlighters, a rose blush, and three contouring shades for an easy, customizable contour.

What I thought of these guys


I have been really surprised by the companies I came across while doing the research for this post.  I wondered how I had not heard of any of these companies before, they all were not new companies but yet, I had never ever even came across a social media post or picture relating to any of the amazing companies above.  The Beautytap find has to be my favourite, I have visited this page about 5 times since I stumbled upon it.  There are over 100 articles on the Beautytap site that are related to K beauty, some are how to tutorials, and lots more, therre is always something new to read or some new product to learn about on that site.  Mommy makeup is one that I completely related to, I am a mum of two young children and even just reading the about us page made me feel more understood as a mum.  Gabriel Cosmetics is one that just totally blows my mind as to why, or how I have never heard of them, I mean 25 years in the business!! Thats incredible, and the reviews on their products are all totally amazing, I think that these guys are more highend than the others.  So, there is something for everyone in this list.


Do you have an unsung hero?? (Opportunity here)

If you have a company that you visit regularly, or even just every now and then that are not well known or are a bit of an unsung hero, trhen leave a comment and for the first 10 comments i will do a full blog post on that company. It can be any comapny, from a friends company that you feel deserves a bit of recognition, to a company that is brand new so totally unknown, it doesnt matter, the first ten will get a full blog post with links, and images with a full “about the company” section.

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