I have recently just discovered FM World and all the amazing products, I was first introduced to them due to their amazing range of perfumes.  Their perfumes have similar notes to those that are brand named and expensive, so, you have already probably guessed that the price of FM World perfumes are much less expensive even though they are very closely matched to brand named perfumes. It wasn’t until I visited the website that I found they have an array of products ranging from hair care, to kitchen cleaning products.

After purchasing a lot of the products they had on offer I became a distributor.  If you happen to like the look of any of the products in this post feel free to visit the website Here

You can enter my distributor Id – 9198236, when asked if an FM member/distributor directed you to the site, this will mean that I will get a commission on any products that you purchase.  You can continue as a guest or create an account, or, you can sign up to become a member like me.  No hard sell is required and you can take full advantage of the discounts, if that sounds like something you may be interested then click Here.

To take a quick look at a recent post on FM World, what opportunities are available if you did want to become a distributor and a bit more of an in-depth look in to their morals, and types of products then you see that Here


Evening makeup allows you to be a little more dramatic. Unlike with daytime makeup, when evening comes, there’s no room for natural, subtle or barely visible colours. At night, you can be bold and go wild with intense, saturated shades. Remember, evening makeup looks fantastic in artificial lighting: dare to do makeup with the hottest colours of 2018!


Cosmetics and accessories used:
Aloe Vera Facial Cleansing Foam, Beauty Cream Primer, Ivory
Advanced Foundation Covering Effect, Porcelain Beige Light
Concealer Luminous Effect, Perfect Beige Mineral Loose Powder,
Powder Brush

Prepare your face by cleansing it thoroughly – by using your
favourite cleansing foam and then wipe with toner. Next, apply
your day cream. Once fully absorbed you can follow with a bit
of primer to get the glowing skin effect which prolongs the life
of your make-up. Now, even out your skin tone with a matching
foundation. Remember to set it – use a big brush to sprinkle your
whole face with Mineral Loose Powder, this will also give you a
beautiful matte finish.


Cosmetics and accessories used:

Eyebrow Set

Define your eyebrows using FM GROUP’s Eyebrow set, fill the
gaps between the hairs and slightly darken your brow colour. The
Set provides both blonde and brunettes with natural eyebrow
colour, whilst at the same time being very easy to use.


Cosmetics and accessories used:

Eye-shadow Base, Pure White
Cashmere Eyeshadow, Blending Brush

First, use your fingertip to prime your eyelids with Eyeshadow
Base as this helps your eyeshadow last all day. Secondly, using
the brush cover your whole eyelid to the brow with a  bright matte
eyeshadow. This lets you even out the skin tone and create
impeccable make-up. The Pure White Cashmere Eyeshadow helps
you achieve dream results.


Cosmetics and accessories used:

Wenge Wood Cashmere
Eyeshadow, Eyeshadow Brush

Darken the crease for a more dramatic result. Use the
Eyeshadow Brush to apply the matte
brown Cashmere Eyeshadow.


Cosmetics and accessories used:

Ebony Black Eye-shadow, Eye-shadow Brush, Blending

Boost the effect by adding a bit of an even darker colour –
Ebony Black Cashmere Eyeshadow. Next, thoroughly blend the
two shades towards the eyebrow ridge for a soft and smoky effect.


Cosmetics and accessories used:

Inky Night Duo Eyeshadows,
Eyeshadow Brush

Cover the whole eyelid with the dark blue shade of Inky Night
Duo eyeshadow. Make sure you moisten the brush first so that
you apply the eyeshadow wet, giving a more saturated, night out


Cosmetics and accessories used:

Decadence Black Automatic Eye

Now, move on to underneath the eye. Run your Automatic Eye
Pencil gently along the waterline and a bit below. You may find it
easier to gently pull down the lower lid to make it simpler for you
to draw a smooth line with a precise and steady move.


Cosmetics and accessories used:

Vintage Gold Mineral Loose
Eyeshadow, Eyeshadow Sponge

Highlight your inner eye corners by applying the sparkling
Vintage Gold Mineral Loose Eyeshadow.


Cosmetics and accessories used:

Lash Expert Mascara

Use Lash Expert Mascara for spectacular and lasting results.
The two-sided wand expertly separates, shapes and lifts your
eyelashes. The Mascara thoroughly coats the eyelashes, prevents
clumping and doesn’t weigh down the lashes. It provides you with
the perfect make-up for up to 12 hours.

STEP 10:

Cosmetics and accessories used:

Contour Kit, Pink Orchid Matte
Lip Colour, Chic Pink Nail Lacquer, Make
Up Setting Spray, Blush Brush

Contour and highlight your face with the Contour Kit for 3D
effect. The Pink Orchid Matte Lip Colour and matching Chic Pink
Nail Lacquer will give you a highly feminine and sensual look.
Finally, don’t forget to complete your make-up by using the Make
Up Setting Spray meaning you don’t need to touch up during your
night out. Et voila!

Like what you see?? Head straight over to the FM World website where you can check out all of their other amazing products.  And look out for the post on the amazing perfumes, they deserve a whole post all to themselves.  Click Here

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