Ever wonder what your lucky colour is??

Ever wonder what your lucky colour is??



Your Lucky Colours And The Positive Impact It Has On Everyday Life.

This is a little interest of mine that I have combined with my love for makeup and fashion.  I feel like a lot of these blog posts and intro’s are all me me me so I don’t want it to be like that so I will just tell you a little so that you can understand what Colour Me Lucky is all about, how it can help you and where the concept came from, I promise to be as little self indulgent as humanly possible.  See, I have always (like most girls) been interested in astrology and just recently have started getting more in to it.  I think with the rise in things that are connected to the law of attraction and this spiritual movement that seems to be happening at the moment more and more things started catching my attention about your star sign, characteristics of a certain star sign and lots more things that are related to your sign, not only that but things I had never heard of before like life path numbers and all sorts started popping up on my Facebook news feed which just feed in to the curiosity I already had.  Throughout all of the little phases I have had, and believe me there have been a few, one constant topic within each subject I was currently obsessed with kept creeping up .  Things like Makeup Artistry, I have loved since I was 16, I did my first bridal party at 18, and have assisted at high profile makeup master classes, I have taken lots of fashion courses as the whole fashion thing really interests me and makeup kind of ties in to it so I had a basic knowledge of some fashion modules already, and interior design, the one constant within each of these little phases which I have half heartedly pursued has been colour theory, or the use of colour to create beautiful visuals.  And, believe it or not its something that I ended up researching the most when I was going through my astrology phase too.  I started looking in to lucky colours, the proof behind it, the science of colour, how colour affects us psychologically, it just fascinated me.


About Colour Me Lucky

So, I took to Facebook and posted on to my feed one simple question, I asked if you could combine the knowledge of your lucky colours with some makeup, fashion and interior design knowledge if anyone would be interested in using it in their everyday life to see if it helped with bringing some extra luck or positive influence.  I had an amazing response, I had girls asking how they would wear their lucky colours within their makeup, or how you would wear your lucky colours  in your outfit, some people even asked things like if I thought wearing your lucky colours would help the outcome of certain life events, such as the outcome of interviews, big public speaking events and even going on dates was covered.  I researched the science behind colour, there are many studies that show the many affects of colour on the human mind and mood.  The colour red actually raises blood pressure, the colour yellow can be a very uplifting colour where lavender or sky blue makes us feel more relaxed.  Many big companies use colour theory within their advertising campaigns as it can make or break a sale, ever wonder why McDonalds uses so much red in their advertising?? The colour red had been proven to make us feel hungry, this then ties in with interior design, if you were trying to watch what you eat then I would steer clear of using the colour red in your kitchen, you see, colour does impact our everyday lives, so, why not use it to raise our vibration and invite some positive influence in to our everyday lives, and whats more, you do not have to take a course before you can implement the use of lucky colours, I do all the hard work for you and tell you your lucky colours, how best to wear them via your make up and clothes and how to use them in your home, along with a little basic Feng Shui in order to create a more positive flow throughout your entire home.  I know methods to raise your vibration like, yoga, the use of crystals and positive thinking are ways people can invite luck or positivity in their lives but yoga, meditating and using crystals can all take a while to master, this is a more fun and relaxed way you can bring in a little luck.  And for the colours being lucky for you……Well, that is more of a personal experience, there has not been enough studies done in to proving whether or not colours can increase luck, but, looking at some of the testimonials form women who have taken the information I have given them and put it to use, I would have to say that colours are most definately lucky for certain individuals.  I do not think it is just the colours though, I think it is the combination of a person taking inside knowledge, putting it to use and feeling much more confident because of it.  The change a little self confidence can make to the way a person carries them self is astounding, that is why I liked makeup artistry so much, it could take a shy woman and make her feel empowered and proud of who she is.  And that is exactly what Colour Me Lucky does, it makes a person look good on the outside, and creates confidence within.

Your Lucky Colours

The way I decide what colours are lucky for whom is pretty simple.  I use your star sign to decide what colours are your lucky colours.  I know everyone who reads this post has most probably read the astrology part of a magazine or web site.  I think being able to predict what may happen in the future is something that we all wish we could posses and since this is one way of doing that, that is why people take such an interest in it.  I use my lucky colours every time I have an important meeting and so far I have had amazing results every time I have used it.  I am also a big Law Of Attraction fan, I love yoga, meditating and this is just another way I raise my vibration in the hope that I will finally be able to live the life of my dreams.  Seriously, who wouldn’t want to give something so simple a try in order to heighten the chance of living their dream life.  If you are interested in finding out what your lucky colours are then head over to the Colour Me Lucky Website where I am currently running an awesome competition, the date of the competition is actually passed as that competition is finished and the winner has been announced but I running a brand new comp with the exact same guidelines, and rules, there is a chance you could win  $100 Nordstrom gift card, so click the link to have a look – Colour Me Lucky Website



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