How-to simple cut crease

How-to simple cut crease


We all now know what a cut crease is and just how beautiful it can look.  Even though the application process can look or sound difficult, once you know the basics which are easy to master, you can to achieve the look of the moment.

OMG, how awesome do all of those Instagram pics with the heavy cut crease look!!! And the brighter the colours the much more amazeballs, and just gob smackingly prettier it looks!! Today I am going to show you a step by step guide on how to get that ever sought after look of the moment. And believe it or not it’s actually not that complicated. I am going to show you the easy basic version. Once you have mastered this you can add, and master clean-cut lines and different colours to take it as extreme as you like, and we have all seen the different versions of this look, you have the cut crease with the glitter line just along the crease, you have the soft cut crease and the full on heavy cut crease which can have two glitter lines or an eye liner flick that would have a cat with the most beautiful feline eyes green with envy.  But…. First, lets learn the basics…


Step by step guide



  • First things first as always prime your eyelids with an EYE primer. No you can’t just use your face primer, your eye lids are much more oily than your face and eye primer is much more capable of dealing with this as that’s what it’s built to do.
  • Once you have your eye nicely primed grab a beige or ivory colour and sweep over the entire eye although do make sure you stop around 1cm before the brow.
  • Then take a little brown shade and apply at the outer crease with a blending brush, add a little more product and build up that colour.
  • Once you are happy with the colour on your crease. Here comes the only tricky part!! Take a light concealer, I like to use No 7 instant radiance concealer for this, it has a brush which makes the application a lot easier. However I have done a cut crease using a different concealer and apply the concealer to a small fine lip brush. Once you have chosen your application method, take your brush with concealer on it and draw a line right in the center of your crease, all the way along from inner eye to outer eye. Take as much time with this as you can perfect your line, the more of a sharp line you create the much more of a stunning visual will be created. Make sure you sweep your brush along the lid with very little concealer on it at the end just to make sure the entire lid is covered.
  • Now for the fun but. Take an amazing colour, I like a pale pink or a deep purple but you can use any kick ass colour you like. ( top tip – remember opposites really do attract when it comes to colour get yourself a colour wheel, google it, then have a look at where your eye colour is and whatever colour is opposite it is a great colour for you to choose for this)
  • Apply your kick ass colour over the concealer, take a blending brush and blend the colours at the outer edge.
  • Finish with black eyeliner and lashings of mascara. Don’t forget to do your brows, and highlighter for full effect.

The rest is all extra’s, we all love life’s little extra’s!!

The steps above can vary from tutorial to tutorial and from guide to guide.  It’s more about finding the best, or, easiest method for you, now you can try this one and see if this method will serve you well, it has me.  Anyway, the rest of what you see on a cut crease are all pretty much little added extra’s.  You can play about with each of these or even all of them once you have perfected the basics you can create anything, all you need is a colourful imagination!!

For the glitter line cut crease:

Once you have followed the steps above and have perfected your basic cut crease, you are officially ready to start putting your own stamp on it.  So, if you like the look of the glitter line cut crease and want to give it a try then you need to get your self a glitter gel liquid eye liner, and all you need to do once you have created your cut crease is to take your glitter eye liner and run it along the centre of your crease.  The easiest way I have found to do this is to stand in front of your mirror and tilt your head back so your eyes are kind of shut and your are sort of looking down your nose, this makes it easier to see where you need to make your line and it also takes away any creases in your eye lids which may make your line wonky.  Gently line your crease, be very careful and take your time, keep a q-tip close by to try to fix any little mistakes, I like to flick it out at the end and then also flick my eye liner out too.  You can use scotch tape at the outer corners of your eyes in a diagonal direction to ensure the flick is perfect.  If you are using scotch tape please remember and do your eyes first or else all that well placed highlighter will be ripped away when that scotch tape comes off.

The glitter cut crease:

Follow the steps above, when you get to the step after you have applied your concealer, pick a highly pigmented glittery shade, I like to apply it with a flat top brush, these brushes are great for packing on colour, and instead of sweeping on the colour, pat it on to your lid.  Remember and keep topping up the product on your brush. You can also line you lower lashes with it for full impact.



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