Lucky colours for Aries

Lucky colours for Aries

Lucky Colours For Aries


Hey, welcome to colour me lucky where being positive is easy when using your lucky colours in your daily life.

If you have landed on this page through sheer interest then thank you very much for taking the time to have a look through these PDF’s I have created and read on if you want the chance to win an awesome gift card, but, if you have landed on this page in order to gain the information needed so you can take part in the colour me lucky competition I have running then well done girl, go ahead and find your lucky colour’s, use them in your make up, take a picture and use the hash tag #colourmelucky to be in with the chance to win a gift card for Nordsrtom worth $100.

Your lucky colours and some other info you might want to know!!

 Here is a list of the colour’s that are sure to bring you luck and positivity this year. And, to be honest it comes as no surprise that these colours represent you this year, your lucky colours are white, yellow and red, when you take a minute to think about what each of these colours mean and what your horoscope predictions are for this year its amazing. This year for you Arian’s its all about becoming the best version of you possible, you are seeking new projects and with these new found hobbies, interests or projects comes great success of some kind, it could be a relationship of some kind or it could be career wise.  What is very clear is that this year you are beginning something new that you have never tried before, you are going to fall in love with it and you are to have great success with it.  Colour red stands for power, determination, passion, the colour yellow is a very stimulating colour which evokes feelings of happiness it also heightens mental activity and white is considered to be the colour of perfection and can represent a successful beginning.

How unbelievable is that!! Each of your lucky colours has a meaning or can be linked to what is predicted to transpire for you in 2018.


Now you have you lucky colours you have everything you need in order to win yourself that Nordstrom gift card.

If you ended up on this page via search engine or something else and have no idea about the competition then let me fill you in.

To take part all you have to do is create a makeup look using your lucky colours then post it on one of our accounts.

Facebook: Colour Me Lucky

Twitter:   Colour Me Lucky (Anni Reddie)

Instagram: Colour Me Lucky (makeup_mad_anni)

And remember and use the hashtag #colourmelucky.  And that’s all there is to it.

*Competition Rules*

There is not a lot of rules but to keep everything as fair as possible please follow the few rules there is.


Even in your pyjama’s, slay like a queen.

Be your own kind of beautiful.


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