My favourite mascara at the moment is…………

My favourite mascara at the moment is…………

benefit mascaraI am totally loving this mascara at the moment.  I have naturally long lashes but find that some mascaras I use can make my lashes feel heavy, and I absolutely hate sticky clumpy mascara’s so I tend to try and but high end mascara’s. If anyone has a great little dupe that I do not know about then please leave a comment but this is the only mascara that leaves my lashes looking long, natural, and wispy.


It is a little bit expensive, I got mines from ebay for £19.50 and £3.00 for delivery, but like I said some things are an investment and this is definitely one of those items.  I really am a mascara lover, I already have great lashes but because they are blonde they are pretty difficult to see unless I have mascara on.  I wear mascara even when I am just hanging around in tracksuit bottoms and a T-shirt.  It is my “if you were stuck on a dessert island and wished you could have one item of make-up with you what would it be??” product.


I have tried to buy cheaper mascara’s in the past but found that alot of them crumbled leaving a residue of dry mascara along the bottom of my eye, or that it clumped together making my eyelashes look like spider legs which is not the look I am going for in fact it is a look that I think very much ruins a girls make-up.


Anyway my advice would be go out buy this little beauty and if you are a mascara loving mad girl like myself then I bet that you will not use any other mascara, This is full proof, you can depend on it 100% to give you beautiful, long lashes that are wispy not clumpy, with no flaking or stickiness.


Love you guys Annmarie xxxx

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