Selfie Bag – Review

Selfie Bag – Review

Selfie Bag Review



I was kindly sent a beautiful canvas bag, inside this beauty of a bag is a little space that will hold not only your phone, but your selfie stick too, and…… stashed away neatly inside the compartment is a piece of foil like material which you can use to make sure you get the perfect lighting for your selfie.  Yeah, this bag is for the likes of us that love to take selfies, its kind of like a cool bag for life.


About The Selfie Bag


I was sent the bag from cotton bag co.  They love a good selfie and to share the love they created a master piece which ensures you have what you need at all times to enable you to take the perfect selfie every-time, no matter where you are.  Also inside the bag is what makes the bag so unique, it is the reflector sheet hidden inside which you can use to make sure you always have the perfect lighting, we all know what bad lighting can do to a selfie (ewwwww) and the guys at cotton bag co have totally rectified that problem.  The goodies don’t stop there though.  Upon closer inspection there was also a little booklet inside, with inside tips and tricks from two bloggers on how to get the perfect selfie, not only that but there are also tips used by the selfie queen herself…….. Mrs KKW Kim Kardashian West!!!  Yep, there is loads of info in this little booklet, the Do’s and don’t’s to posting selfie’s on Instagram plus her must try secret to getting a perfect selfie every-time.  Below is a selfie of little old me using the reflector sheet from the selfie bag.  You can see the light reflecting off of it, I took this in my hall where there is small window above my front door, so, there is very little light, I actually ended up sitting the sheet on a shelf where the light was just right, and boooom, the perfect selfie.



The Verdict 

Useful or Useless??

I must admit I used the bag a lot.  They have created a very trendy bag for life.  This bag looks good, it really does go with any outfit, I am a mum of two and I am always on the go, the selfie bag made sure I had all the things I need, as unlike some bags, this has lots of space for whatever it is you may need in your daily life, and, it made sure I looked good, trying to pick a different bag each day to go with your outfit can be a pest but the selfie bag looks great with anything.  I can safely say it is now the most used bag in my bag collection.   The reflector sheet is awesome too, you can hold it under you chin and move it around until you have the most perfect lighting for your selfie.  Just get your phone out, put it on front facing camera (obvs Duh) then take the reflector sheet and place it directly under your face, you will instantly see the reflection of light on your face, then adjust it to suit your surrounding conditions.  Its that simple.  Also the addition of having the space for your selfie stick is something I haven’t seen on any other bags, space for your phone yeah but not always your selfie stick especially when trying to take family selfies, selfie sticks are really handy to have but not always practical to carry around, well, until now.



I am really impressed with this bag.  And it comes just in time for saving the planet.  The 5p charge you get nowadays for using a plastic bag is something that I do not contend with since having the selfie bag.  Its not like a 5p charge will stop anyone from taking a plastic bag but I hope that with more selfie bags sold, that people will start to really think about the planet.  This bag is saving the planet, quite literally, I have probably saved at least £5 in 5p bag charges since using my bag, that’s 100 plastic bags less. I never really thought of how much plastic bags I actually used, I was the person that would take a plastic bag even if all I had was a carton of milk, and it was something I never thought about until my mum was brimming with joy that I had brought my selfie/cool bag for life with me on our latest shopping trip. It just makes you think about all of the unnecessary waste inflicted upon our planet.  Anyway, this post is not about saving the planet I kind of went off on one there, but it is just another awesome reason that everyone should have a selfie bag, and just think of all of those beautiful selfies. #theselfiebag


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