Technic Ultimate Brow Kit – Review

Technic Ultimate Brow Kit – Review

This is all you need to know about Technic’s Ultimate Brow Kit, now, Technic are a favourite of mine, they are a brand that has many budget beauty bargains and in some reviews beauty bloggers have compared their products to some high-end products.  It just goes to show that you do not have to break the bank to get in on this new beauty movement that’s sweeping the nation.  Read on to see if its something you think that you might try.


Where to get it and How much


I had heard a lot about this Brow Kit and so I decided to grab myself one. I managed to bag myself one for only £2.95 with free P&P from Amazon.  They have lots of items by Technic on Ebay and a lot of them have free postage and packaging, so even if you are the type of lucky lady who is more accustom to using high-end products, why not just give this a try, at a price like that its hard to say no, and if you hate it I am sure a little sister or niece would be happy to take it off you hands, you night be surprised. Click the image to be taken to get your own or you may want to wait until you have read the whole review.


Item Description.

It’s a nice size and has a little mirror which I find extremely handy when I feel like my eyebrows are needing a little touch up.  And like I said its the perfect size for any handbag.  It also comes with two small brushes and a small pair of tweezers.  The tweezers are okay and are good for just grabbing the odd out-of-place eyebrow but for a full pluck I wouldn’t recommend them, they are very small so are difficult to work with, there is hardly any slant on them so it is also difficult to grab any small hairs that may need taken care of.  The brushes are also extremely small and difficult to work with and to be honest are not much use at all.  I personally use my own brush for the application of this product. You can see the size comparison in the image below just so you can get an understanding of just how fiddly it is to try to work with such small brushes.  The purple handles brush is the brush I use everyday, and the small black one is what came with the kit.


Inside there are three shades of brown eyebrow powder, light brown,  medium brown and dark brown, there is also eye brow wax as well.  I really like the colour selection in this little palette, even though I am blonde I can easily wear any of the shades, although I wouldn’t wear the dark brown as an everyday look and therefore obviously wear the lightest colour for a more natural look. If I was going out for a night out with the gals and was looking to go full on glam then I would use the dark brown as it gives the definition I like even though a lot of people would probably say its to dark for me, there is no rules to make up girls, so just do what makes you feel your best.  The wax is also a nice little extra that you do not get in every eyebrow kit.  I use it to tame hairs that are out-of-place I use it to keep them in place and this wax does the job, it keeps hairs in place for the whole day.

Application steps:

Step one – Groom your brows, firstly you wouldn’t straighten your hair and style it for a big night out without firstly washing it so why is there any difference when it comes to eyebrows, give your eyebrows a brush with an eyebrow brush, the best thing to do is to brush them upwards,

Step 2 – Pluck any stragglers, once you have brushed all of your brows upwards have a look underneath and pluck any hairs that are hanging down and any smaller ones that grow just along the brow bone, the best place for brows to be is just on or very slightly above the eyebrow bone so if there is a lot of hairs on or below there pluck them away. Do not go pluck crazy on the top of the eyebrows as this takes away their natural shape.

Step 3 – apply a little wax, after you have groomed and tidied your brows apply a little wax, do not smother your brows in wax as your brows will look shiny, greasy and fake, a little goes a long way here, why?? Well wax makes your powder stay on longer and is useful for tidying up your brows before applying the powder.

Step 4 – choose your colour and start applying nearest the nose and work outward towards the temples, I find that starting at the top of the eyebrows and use short strokes. Everyone has their own style of how they like their eyebrows and personally I like my eyebrows to get a little thinner as I make my way outwards, the nearer the temples the thinner and darker I like them, that’s whats great about this palette as well, I can switch between shades, without having to carry an extra product.


My Findings

I really like this product, the only thing that lets it down are the little extras such as the brushes and tweezers.  Although they are thoughtful little extras and look super cute they do not do the product any favours, they do not work what-so-ever.

As long as you have your own, full-sized, eyebrow brush in order to apply the product then you are on to a winner.  It has every shade a girl needs, the fact that it has wax as well as a mirror is great, there’s nothing worse than having to lug around a thousand items of makeup around in your hand bag all day, and the price is, well, its amazing, you really do not have to have a huge budget to be able to keep up with all of the latest trends.  I would love to have a high-end product every-time I went shopping but the truth is a mum of two kids I just cannot afford it, I am not ashamed that I cannot afford because I would never change my children and spending cash on them brings me so much more joy than makeup ever would.  Anyway, my point is, be you, do not be ashamed of using products that are budget friendly, you can keep up with the Kardashians too!!  Not just the rich kids!!

Click the link or image to be taken directly to Amazon to purchase one for yourself, you deserve it.

Click Here to Get yours



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