The Unicorn Trend? Hot Or Not?

The Unicorn Trend? Hot Or Not?

The Unicorn Trend? Love It Or Hate It??

We like to make sure that we keep on top of the important things that may be affecting like-minded people around the world so today’s insightful topic (obviously spoken with complete sarcasm) is all about the unicorn trend.  Do you love it, or do you hate it, or did you love it but have seen enough of unicorns and their glittery poo to do you a life time??  We have scoured the web to find the most adorable, pointless, horrible and the down right mad unicorn merchandise for you to either coo over or spew over.

I personally love some of the unicorn merchandise out there, it combines beautiful pastel colours and some of the little unicorn characters are just totally adorable,  that’s not to say that I don’t think that it’s all got a bit much, I mean, unicorn merchandise even has its own Facebook page where people share their unicorn finds with the unicorn fanatics of the world.

So let’s get down to the nitty-gritty, first up on our list is unicorn themed stationary.  I love some of the journals, notepads and pens that are sporting our very pretty unicorn mascot.  Let us know your thoughts on these top pick

A5 Unicorn And Sequins Notepad/Journal – £13

Take a look at just how adorable this notepad is, not only does it have unicorns but it has sequins, I mean what more can you ask for right?  This is a double-sided, or reversible notepad, meaning that the front cover picture carries on right to the back cover!!  I know!

Click here if you would like to check the notepad out for yourself, available in an assortment of styles, £13

Unicorn Cartoon Style Gel Pen

Quirky gel pen, with very cute unicorn on the top, these are so cute and I have ordered a couple of them myself.  Available in a few different colours, I have ordered them for my daughter but I may borrow one from time to time.

To check out these total cuties click here, ONLY £1

Unicorn Hoodie #1

This hoodie is so freakin pretty.  It has to be one of the nicest unicorn hoodies I have seen.  Not too much, not to childish, it’s just really nice.

Click here to grab this for yourself, £14

Unicorn Hoodie #2

Now that we have done sweet and pretty unicorn hoodie, now it’s time for total coolest unicorn ever.  Meet the dab dancing unicorn!! Check him out, the coolest unicorn I have ever seen!!!

Click here to get your own little dab dancing unicorn, £15

Sterling Sliver Colourful Unicorn Earrings

I love these, but I love earring’s, they can really brighten up your face and outfit if they have some awesome colouring which these ones have by the bucket load!!

Click here to check out these beauties for yourself, £10

There you have it!

That is all of the unicorn merchandise that we think is not to over the top, not to glittery, and not too much like only a 12-year-old should be seen wearing or with said item!!  Us adults love unicorns to so I am glad that there are items out there that we would not only get away with wearing but would look totally on fleek while wearing them!!

To check out the store where these items can be found then click here The On Fleek Boutique.  There are lots of collection/categories to choose from, and they currently have a massive sale on which includes makeup reduced to only 99p, as well as beautiful clothing, footwear and home decor items that have all been greatly reduced.  There is also a 25% discount on any order over £15 for returning customers!!

Do you have any unicorn merchandise that you think is worthy of being in our top picks??  If so please feel free to drop a comment to let me know, also let me know where I can find the product so I in turn can let everyone else know, sharing is caring!!!

Live, Love, Slay!!

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