Top 3 Best Selling Soji Energy Crystal Water Bottles!!

Top 3 Best Selling Soji Energy Crystal Water Bottles!!

Find out what the best selling Soji Crystal Elixir Water Bottles are. And if you are yet to find out what these beautiful bottles are all about, then read on, they are not just beautiful piece of art, they actually do your mental, spiritual, and physical self a great deal of good.

Who Are Soji?

Soji describe themselves as a lifestyle brand inspired by the ancient zen practice of temple cleansing. Now, don’t let your eyes glaze over as it’s a process that has very little to do with cleansing or cleaning but much more about living in the moment and the practice that these Soji members do makes a lot of sense once you have a read through the description of what temple cleansing actually is. So, it goes like this, After morning meditation, all members are assigned a basic cleaning task on the Temple grounds, things like sweeping, cleaning the windows that type of thing, then after 20 minutes the work leader rings a bell signalling the end of their work. The task is not about how much of the temple has been cleaned, if only half of the hallway has been swept then that’s fine, if only half of the windows have been cleaned then that fine too. It’s not about the end goal it’s about being present during that task. Approaching tasks in this way helps turn our energies from the end goal to the present moment. It’s this practice of mindfulness, and the need for the reminder in our everyday lives to be more present in the moment, is what inspired the Soji Brand.

They are a brand with real morals and who really seem to care about their community. Part of every purchase is donated to the charity “Water is Life” you can check out a bit more of their story Here. In short they are a non – profit organisation who provide clean drinking water, sanitation, and hygiene education programs to schools and villages in desperate need. Soji are grateful for the opportunity to help provide clean water to thousands of people in need every single month. The “Water Is Life” organisation want alleviate the global water crisis and Soji are right there with them every step of the way.

Soji? That’s Such A Weird Name

So, if you are now wondering where in the world they pulled this name from, then it’s actually very simple. Soji is a zen word related to the ancient zen practice of Temple Cleansing described above. In their about us section of their homepage they describe it as a “namesake”.

About The Crystal Elixir Bottles

Now, if like me you are wondering what exactly an elixir is then let me explain a little. Crystal elixirs can be known by many other names, maybe you have come across one of these names, gem waters, gem elixirs, gem tonics, gem essences, crystal waters, crystal essences, crystal tonics, and more. They all mean the same thing which is “Crystal Infused Water”. When a crystal is placed in water it is believed that the energy which the crystal possess goes in to the water, it is said to help an individual not only physically in the most obvious of ways, by getting more water in to you, but also spiritually and mentally.

I am in no way a crystal expert, but I do like them. So, I know that different crystals have different energies, and have different benefits. Take clear quartz for example, this is known as the “Master Healer”, then there is rose quartz which is known for attracting love, whether that be the love of someone else, or maybe you need to learn to love yourself a little, whichever it is the use of this stone is said to bring that little thing called love in to your life. Soji provide water bottles with a variety of different crystals inside them. You will feel the benefit of the energy the crystal posses depending on what crystal is inside your bottle.

Soji have bottles with the following crystals inside them, they also have a description of what the healing properties of each crystal are shown in the table below. A more detailed description can be found on their website click Here to be directed.

Type Of Stone Healing Properties
Smoky Quartz Protection, Stability
Rose Quartz Love, Tranquillity
Clear Quartz Clarity, Power
Citrine Quartz Abundance, Mindfulness
Amethyst Quartz Peace, Energy
Black Obsidian Purification, Transformation

If you are already intrigued by these beautiful water bottles and want to check them out for yourself the click Here

Top 3 Bestsellers

  • Amethyst
  • Smoky
  • Rose

Other Useful Info

Soji Energy Crystal Water Bottles can be purchased for $80 which is £60.30 GPB. The bottles are made with glass and the crystals are held in place by stainless steel. It is a 550ml bottle which holds 18 ounces of water. If at any point after you purchase your water bottle, the glass becomes cracked you can purchase a new one for only $10 which is £7.50. The crystals are non-toxic and are 100% safe to use. Once you receive your bottle you have to make sure you take proper care of it, the glass part of the bottle can be put in the dish washer but base and lid however, requires hand washing. Remember there are a variety of ways you can also cleanse you bottle and crystal, by leaving them out in the moonlight for example.

If you do not believe in the power of crystals, then you may want to sit this one out, although this is a super pretty water bottle which will get a lot of attention where ever you decide to take it, it also holds a decent amount of water and the water is said to taste lovely with the thick glass keeping it cool, but at £60.30 for just a pretty water bottle, well, it’s a bit steep. For others though, like myself, who do believe that the use of crystals in your everyday life can be beneficial then this is a bottle you should most definitely give a go. The reviews on the benefits, and changes people have experienced after using the bottle, and drinking the elixir are amazing. People said that they became more productive, creative, better communicators, of course all dependant on which crystal they chose and the healing properties that crystal has. There will be different experiences for different people and different crystals.

To buy your Soji Energy Crystal Water Bottle, or to check out any of the information above for yourself the feel free to click Here. You will be re-directed to the Soji website where you can see for yourself, all of the good that they do with the charity and for all of the full descriptions on the healing properties of each crystal.

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